Guardian Property Management

6704 Lone Oak  Naples, FL  34109

Please visit Guardian Property Management website to login to your owner's account.  Below are just some of the features currently offered:

·      Safely pay your assessments online via eCheck or credit card.

·      Create, modify and view recurring assessment payments.

·      Access to your account transaction history in real time.

·      Create, modify and view up to date ARC request information.

·      View a directory listing for homeowners, etc.

·      Send emails directly to the management through your personal message center.

Property Manager Mike Kumicich
Phone: 239-591-5450 or
Direct line:239-591-5443, ext 113.
Bookkeeper Swati S
Phone: 239-514-7432 ext 107 or
Direct line: 239-591-5442
Accounting Manager Linda Biondino
Phone: 239-514-7432 ext 115 or
Direct line: 239-591-5424
Sales application processing Monica Wiggins
Phone: 239-514-7432 ext 117 or
Direct line: 239-591-5429
Admin for webportal, email blasts, mailing of notices Rachel Young
Phone: 239-514-7432 ext 111 or
Direct line: 239-591-5421
Admin for wind mitigation, parking passes, general help Robin Howell
Phone: 239-514-7432 ext 120 or
Direct line: 239-591-5423

Website Mike Shields